Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Do you travel, if so, how far?

Yes, we travel. Depending on what is required, we are prepared to travel anywhere.

Will you need to take my furniture away?

Each job is different and it will depend on the amount of work required, and the number of pieces.

Can you carry out work at my home, or workplace?

Either, depending on the distance. It is often more cost effective to bring items of furniture to our workshop.

If you work in my house, will it cause dust? Will there be much mess?

Not usually, we always use all the necessary dust sheets, and seal areas with plastic membranes.

Is French Polishing expensive?

It can be. Yet again, this is dependent on the work involved. However, do not be deterred from obtaining an estimate.

How much will it cost? Can you give me a price on the telephone? Can we send pictures for approximate costings?

Yes, do not hesitate to send us detailed images, either via email or our get a quote form. We should be able to forward an approximate cost with a view to inspecting the job requirements in more detail.

How long have you been French Polishing?

We have combined expertise of over 40 years.

How many coats of polish do you apply?

Its not like painting, one undercoat, two gloss. A piece of work is only finished when we feel its ready.

Do you provide fully detailed estimates?

Yes, all the work involved will be itemised on a written quotation.

Will you liase with my builder, designer or architect directly?

Yes, whoever is in charge of your project, we will work with them to make sure everything goes smoothly.

I have to run a business. Do you offer “out of regular hours” or weekend services?

Yes, we can offer “out of regular hours” on request.

Do you offer insurance work?

Yes, we provide written quotations for insurance companies.

Can I see any of your work?

Yes, you are welcome to visit our workshop and see ongoing jobs.

Can you remove heat marks?

Yes, sometimes without the full cost of stripping and re-polishing.

The end of my wardrobe has been in the sun and faded, can you make it the same colour as the rest?

Yes, it is possible to strip and re-polish just the end of wardrobe to match the existing colour.